“The wonderful teachers at Karen Margaret Studios have taught my children to dance, sing and act but more importantly they have encouraged them to be confident, to have fun and to express themselves in a variety of ways. As a parent I have found the Studio to be relaxed, accommodating, considerate and always have the interests of the children in mind. 

The focus I appreciate is that they build all of the children up, not what dress or make up they should be wearing, but truly how to express themselves, to me more important life lessons. Everyone is respected and has a chance to shine!”

Kyla, Charlotte & Amy

 “My daughter is in her 5th year with Karen Margaret Studios and loves it more each year.  It has done wonders for her confidence and has really tapped into her creative/performance side.  I enjoy the family atmosphere for both students and parents.  The end of year concert is a fantastic opportunity for all students to have their moment in the spotlight.  A big plus for me is that the costumes are reasonably priced, easy to purchase and can be worn after the concert.  

I am so glad that we found Karen Margaret Studios.”

 Margot & Kathryn

 “Laura has loved coming to drama, it has helped her improve with confidence and public speaking.  She really loves coming each week and has made friends with the other children and on top of that is learning skills that will come in handy for the rest of her life.  Thanks.”

Kerry & Laura

“My daughter joined Karen Margaret Studios in 2009 as a tiny tot. She has made friends and is full of enthusiasm. What we love about KMS is the fun atmosphere…the kids can express themselves as individuals; they teach dancing, drama and singing…it’s everything in the one package! The program has helped my daughter with her speech as well as her confidence in front of an audience.”

Giovanna & Carina